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PIRT request the blessing and endorsement of the His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

It gives us Palestinians great happiness that you have decided to be in our midst. We especially note your...

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Code of conduct in the holy land

We believe that the Code of Conduct for Tourism in the Holy Land is a unique document as it shows ways for change from the outside and from the inside.

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PIRT stands for


Innovation: We are promoting new tourism offers and options which enrich both tourists and host communities and which enable Palestinians to play an active and equal part in tourism.


Responsibility: While we are struggling against unjust structures in tourism as a result of the occupation, we must also assume our responsibility towards our nature, the visitors and all the people who are directly or indirectly employed in the tourism sector.


Sustainability: Our environment is fragile and needs to be preserved. Therefore, we are looking for gentler ways to offer tourism and to work together with tourists to raise awareness about the importance of preserving scarce resources.


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We are proud to present to you our Code of Conduct for Tourism in the Holy Land which was launched in November 2008 and provides guidelines for a fair and beneficial tourism for all. This document is unique because it has been developed jointly by representatives from all sectors (public, private and non-governmental) of the Palestinian tourism industry. It expresses our common wish for more participation in tourism and for an equal distribution of its benefits.


The Code of Conduct is a first product of a longer process, a process to renew Holy Land tourism and to achieve more just and responsible forms of tourism in Palestine.


Join us to make this transformation possible!

We provide you with easy recommendations for first practical steps.


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