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PIRT request the blessing and endorsement of the His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

It gives us Palestinians great happiness that you have decided to be in our midst. We especially note your...

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Code of conduct in the holy land

We believe that the Code of Conduct for Tourism in the Holy Land is a unique document as it shows ways for change from the outside and from the inside.

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international center of bethlehem/dar annadwa addawliya (ICB)




The International Center of Bethlehem started in 1994 as an outreach ministry of Christmas Lutheran Church. Since then, the centre has grown significantly and has succeeded in serving a great number of people by creating sister organisations such as a health and wellness centre and an arts school. Since 2006, the International Center of Bethlehem and its sister organisations have been part of the newly established Diyar Consortium. The International Center of Bethlehem has become a very important ecumenically-oriented cultural centre which serves the whole Palestinian community.


Since the 1990's, the International Center of Bethlehem has also been running a tourism programme. The Authentic Tourism programme was developed from a new theology of pilgrimage. It is based on a holistic approach of visiting the Holy Land and offers socially responsible travelling. This programme was internationally recognised in 1997 when it received the “ToDo! 96” Award at the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin, Germany.


For tourism in Palestine and for our new initiative PIRT, the contribution of the International Center of Bethlehem goes beyond its experience from offering tourism activities through its Authentic Tourism programme. Dar al-Kalima College, one of the sister organisations of the International Center of Bethlehem, is one of three institutions only in Palestine which offer a degree to become a professional tour guide. Their pioneer work to develop this degree programme for tour guides has been of utmost importance for the development of the Palestinian tourism sector. Thanks to its experience, the International Center of Bethlehem will continue to provide important inputs for the further development of PIRT and responsible tourism in Palestine.





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