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PIRT request the blessing and endorsement of the His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

It gives us Palestinians great happiness that you have decided to be in our midst. We especially note your...

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Code of conduct in the holy land

We believe that the Code of Conduct for Tourism in the Holy Land is a unique document as it shows ways for change from the outside and from the inside.

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responsible tourism


Our activities and tourism offers are unique and different from mainstream tourism because:

  • They enable the local service providers to earn a fair income.
  • They promote encounters between tourists and host communities on a human level rather than an economic level only.
  • They redirect tourism benefits from the other side of the Wall to reach all the people who live in this land.
  • Religious or heritage sides are explained and presented to visitors by local guides.
  • Local communities have opportunities to participate in tourism activities.


We are aware that we are only at the beginning of a longer process of transformation. With your help, we will work towards strengthening the beneficial sides of tourism and reforming problematic and unjust patterns. Support us and share your ideas with us today!


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